Month: October 2017

Autumn linocut prints

These are the first linocut prints I have done for many years. I wanted to create a couple of different Autumnal designs to make cards for all the birthdays we have around this time of year. I bought a little Essdee kit with a proper bayer (I seem to have managed without one previously). The kit also came with some soft cut lino which was so much easier to use than the tough stuff I have used before. I ordered some of my favourite Elle Erre card from Soho Papers (my local craft shop used to sell this card but no longer does). The texture of the card looks great with the printing. I am looking forward to making some Christmas cards next.



Mending these pairs of jeans is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – since I went wore through the knee of one pair then tripped over while out walking and ripped the knee of another pair on a rock. I came across Sashiko – Japanese embroidery and the idea of Boro – mended and patched textiles, on Pinterest. I loved the idea – and look, so gave it a go on the first pair. Then while researching on Pinterest I came across some lovely embroidered patched jeans, so decided to try this too. I looked in all of my local haberdashery shops for Sashiko thread but ended up ordering it online from Japan Crafts along with needles and a coaster kit to try out. I am not sure how these will wash and wear but for now, I am really pleased with the result of my “make do and mend”.