Crochet Christmas

I have been a bit too busy for much crocheting this Christmas but I made these cute stripy stockings earlier in the year. Here is a link to the tutorial. The star and Christmas tree were easy makes during a couple of evenings last week. The mini octopus amigurumi was a quick gift for my nephew.


Secret book

I made this book for my niece who is really into Harry Potter. Hopefully she will have fun making more things to keep inside the secret compartment. A great way to recycle an old book!

Mini zipper pouch

These cute zipper keyring pouches were gifts for a friend and my daughter this Christmas. Here is a link to the free pouch pattern which was really easy to follow. The only tricky bit was sewing the tabs in place. The keyring clips are from lanyards my husband receives every time he attends a business conference so this seemed a great way to reuse them.

Christmas makes

I love the creative opportunities which the festive season brings so this year I sewed a simple quilted runner with some lovely fabrics. Also, every year I love making cards but this year I decided to do an illustration and then print the cards, rather than my usual paper crafting.

Another fidget quilt

Back in September at the Made and Making Charity Sew, I started making a Fidget Quilt for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. This is my next finished quilt which has a few extra details – like the velcro “book” plus extra texture from soft fleece and coarse netting.