Cute crochet flower

To practise the stitches I learned in the beginners workshop, I found this cute crochet flower pattern here.


Beginners crochet

I have wanted to learn to crochet for a while. Having looked at various books and online I decided the only way I was going get started was to be taught by a real person. So along with a friend, I attended a beginners crochet workshop run by Sarah from Made and Making. It was a great introduction. Sarah ran through the basic techniques and helped us to start a granny square which we took home and I have now finished!


My technique is slowly improving but the tension is still all over the place!

Robin card


Every year I strive to send unique hand made Christmas cards and every year at some point I think it would be much easier to buy some! Then when they are finally finished, written and delivered, I am always glad I made the effort.