Robin card


Every year I strive to send unique hand made Christmas cards and every year at some point I think it would be much easier to buy some! Then when they are finally finished, written and delivered, I am always glad I made the effort.

Fabric covered pin board


I am really pleased with this fabric covered pin board for Minky’s bedroom which went up on the wall at the weekend. It was very easy to make from a piece of SundeaIa cut to size by the local timber merchant then fabric, bought online from Textile Express, staple-gunned in place. I thought I would photograph it before it gets covered with pictures!

Playhouse makeover


Three summers after we moved here, I finally completed the makeover of the children’s playhouse in the garden. Having brightened it up with a coat of “white ash” paint I decided the windows needed some cute gingerbread house style curtains. This is how they turned out. It would look great with some matching bunting too….